General Admission Requirements



The following are the general admission requirements for Canford Institute of Technology programs. In addition to these requirements, some programs may require you to do additional coursework, take an entrance test or attend an information session.

You should consult the Programs and Courses  for more information on the specific requirements for the program you’re applying to.

Regular Admission Requirements

The regular admission requirement for all College programs (excluding  programs requiring post-secondary education) is a High School Diploma with the necessary program-related course pre-requisites (see specific program admission requirements for details).

Mature Student Admission Requirements

If you are 19 years of age or older and have been out of high school for a minimum of one year at time of application, and you do not meet the regular admission requirements, you may apply under the mature student admission requirements. Mature student admission may include specific requirements. Refer to the admission requirements for the program you’re applying to for detailed information.

Post-Secondary Entrance Requirements

Some of our programs requires degree or post secondary diploma. Applicants must have completed, or where applicable, be enrolled in post-secondary entrance prerequisites at the time of application. Proof of enrolment will be required.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

English is the language of instruction at the Canford Institute of Technology. Applicants to the College are responsible for a level of English proficiency that is sufficient to participate in all aspects of College study, including lectures, practicum placements, reading, writing and discussion.

The College reserves the right to assess English Language Skills, reading ability, and core subject preparation to determine admission eligibility. If you are an internationally educated applicant with education earned outside of Canada or the United States, contact if you have specific questions.